OCHI, LLC and SAM GROUP join together to form CCARE HEALTH – Delivering a Care Management ecosystem built on a certified EHR

In April of 2022, two organizations with experience in healthcare operations and technologies launched a new business venture for turnkey team-based care management of chronic illness: CCARE Health Systems, LLC (www.CCARE.HEALTH). 

Pete Gratale, the Managing Partner of OCHI, LLC (OCHI) stated that “CCARE is our recent Use Case of the Intellectual Property (IP) developed by our parent company”. This platform leverages (the “Chart(x) EHR”), its certified EHR they have had in use for more than fifteen years ago. As a patient management solution, the underlying platform gives CCARE several competitive advantages, not the least of which is a simple solution for interoperability. OCHI demonstrated the ability to deliver bidirectional patient data between health system providers and community based organizations, including YMCAs, who were providing diabetes prevention services and health coaching to patients referred to them.   

Lynn Lamprecht, the CEO of SAM GROUP said “SAM GROUP specializes in project management and coordination for healthcare organizations and senior care facilities to outsource complex processes and workflows for improving care delivery and patient satisfaction. CCARE HEALTH is the perfect match between technology, clinical protocols, and clinical and community team based caregivers for effective care coordination and better outcomes for management of chronic illness.”

“Integration of complex remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems with clinical protocols and team based care for chronic care management (CCM) and behavioral health integration (BHI) requires workflow automation that includes and coordinates between all the patient’s care stakeholders. This latest proprietary certified EHR Use Case built by the OCHI team with our clinical operations assistance, is the right tool for the job for effective integrated care management,” stated Mr. Lamprecht. 

Another competitive advantage is the OCHI team’s earlier Use Case for patient management technology for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). The Recovery Platform offers a powerful set of tools to assist physicians monitoring patient compliance and progress. This important service allows CCARE HEALTH’s healthcare organization clients to include SUD care management on a single integrated ecosystem with the other important treatments for chronic illness..

CCARE HEALTH was an exhibitor at the American Geriatric Society annual scientific meeting earlier this month, and received positive feedback from numerous attendee members of this esteemed organization. 

SAM Group, INC. is a healthcare consulting firm specializing in healthcare business process outsourcing and project management for complex technologies and processes.for care of post-acute and chronic illness. www.SAMGROUP.health  

OCHI, LLC is technology platform designed that supports collaborative care for treatment of conditions ranging from mental and behavioral health disorders, chronic physical illnesses, and services directed at those suffering Social Determinants of Health.  www.OCHI.app

OCHI, LLC and SAM GROUP join together to form CCARE HEALTH – Delivering a Care Management ecosystem built on a certified EHR

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