Collaborative Care Management

Allowing patient data collection sharing for Clinician and Support Services

Automating the creation of Patient Care Plans

Clinical portal for accessing shared data for clinical decisioning


Connecting Individuals to Support Services

Facilitating Digital Referrals between various organization

Accessing Housing, Food, Transportation, Mental Health Support

Preventative and Wellness Programs


Automated Condition based Assessments

Remote Patient Monitoring

Integration of SDOH data

Telehealth enable programming

Portal to review and clinical data transmission



Three in four Americans aged 65 and older have multiple chronic conditions (MCC) (cdc.gov)

The 71% of people with MCC account for 93% of total Medicare spending (cdc.gov)

The most prevalent individual conditions among the over-65 population include: arthritis, hypertension, pulmonary disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis


Chronic disease in the workplace is negatively impacting employers by both lost productivity and higher healthcare costs.

The combined total costs in lost productivity due to the top seven chronic diseases in 2016 equaled $3.7 trillion

Numerous studies have shown that promoting healthy activities in the workplace can improve employee health, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare costs


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The A.C.T.S. Movement, Incorporated Selects OCHI Software to Serve North Carolinians Suffering from Food Insecurity

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OCHI, LLC and SAM GROUP join together to form CCARE HEALTH – Delivering a Care Management ecosystem built on a certified EHR

In April of 2022, two organizations with experience in healthcare operations and technologies launched a new business venture for turnkey team-based care manageme...

OCHI, LLC chosen by North Carolina Medical Society as a Technology Platform to deliver the Diabetes Free NC program

In November 2019, the AMA and NCMS began a collaborative effort on diabetes prevention in NC, which was also part of a larger multi-organizational effort, Diabete...